Estate Planning

The Importance of an Estate Plan

According to a recent study, 60% of American adults don't have an estate plan. It's essential for people of all ages to have some estate plan in place so that they don't leave a mess for their heirs to clean up. We find that our clients tend to overestimate the time and expense of hiring an estate attorney and putting in place a complete estate plan. In reality, an estate plan can take many forms whether that includes simple solutions like a Transfer on Death (TOD) designation on your bank account or more complex solutions like a will or Trust. The team at Dodds Wealth is here to simplify the estate planning process.


Top 5 Reasons you Need an Estate Plan

1. Avoiding a Mess for Heirs

2. Avoiding Probate

3. Protecting Beneficiaries

4. Protecting Assets

5. Reducing Estate Taxes



How your Financial Advisor can Help with Your Estate Plan

Starting the estate planning process on your own can be daunting; that's why we are here to help. We can help put in motion your estate planning process by finding a qualified estate attorney, preparing your net worth statement and finally implementing your estate plan by updating account titles and beneficiaries. We can also advise on the complexity of the estate plan needed for your situation and guide you towards the right solution. Dodds Wealth in Denver and Colorado Springs can show you what to plan for, simplify the process, and aid in implementation.

If you are looking for estate planning help, call our experienced team to schedule your first meeting. If you live in Denver, call (303)-539-3900 or if you are located in Colorado Springs, call (719)-260-9200.