The Art of Wealth Management

Michael Franklin

Financial Consultant

Michael FranklinMichael holds a degree in psychology from Louisiana College. He brings to our team his ability to not only communicate with members, but to really listen to them – a skill he’s expertly used during his 13 years in wealth management. Combining this asset along with his investment knowledge allows him to view each member as a whole. Michael also serves as our Branch Office Manager, OSJ Designate, and regulatory supervisor for the office.

Michael knows that money is an emotional subject loaded with a member’s experiences and memories. His strength is being able to clearly identify a member’s dreams and goals, which is critical to successfully creating and managing financial plans.

Michael was born in Louisiana, and still has strong family ties to the area.  His father was in the Air Force, which afforded Michael the experience of living in diverse locations such as Panama, Louisiana, and Kansas.  Growing up on a military base was an experience that helped shape the type of person Michael became – especially being able to relate to individuals from many different backgrounds. 

In 2005, Michael married his wife Sue, a Wisconsin native. They have two young children – a boy born in 2009 and a girl in 2011. Michael also has a teenage daughter who lives in Kansas. So, he’s getting the full parenting experience of the infant years along with the teenage years.

Needless to say, when Michael isn’t helping members, he’s very busy at home.  In his few moments of free time, he enjoys exploring Colorado in his vintage 1984 Jeep CJ7, as well as rock climbing and hiking.